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The struggle of depression

Warning this may come as a trigger to some people please seek medical attention if needed.

The topic of depression. Depression makes you feel like you don't exist like nothing matters makes you feel like you don't matter. it's like no one is listening and your in a dark room that is long as your eyes can see. You cover up the hurt inside by smiling hoping someone wouldn't see your pain. Depression sucks the life out of you and your enjoyment in life. But what I want my dearest viewers to know is that you are not alone in this struggle you are loved you do matter and you can kick depression's arse. Because you are a warrior and a fighter you can beat this. My post today is that you are worth everything and depression is nothing. You are a fighter and you are free. I want my viewers who are right now going through depression or even if you know some one who is. I want you to go to the mirror look at your self and say I'am a winner, I am strong I am confident.

My love and care is with you guys.

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